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Argos DCS System Use Agreement of the Month
– April 2016

University of Pierre and Marie Curie


The main scientific goal is to quantify the CO2 flux at the sea-atmosphere interface in the tropical Atlantic basin, study its variability, understand the mechanisms generating this variability and study the long term evolution of the CO2 source for the atmosphere to predict this flux.

The equatorial upwelling and the Amazonian fresh water input are probably responsible for the CO2 variability observed in the eastern and western basins. To monitor it, a pCO2/O2 sensor has been installed on the PIRATA buoys at 6deg.S, 10deg.W (equatorial upwelling) and 8deg.N, 38deg.W (North equatorial counter current) to obtain hourly time series.

These observations are completing the observations obtained from Volunteering Observing Ships (VOS) in this area.

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