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Argos DCS System Use Agreement of the Month
– December 2013

University of Maryland – Cooperative Institute for the
North Atlantic Region (CINAR) Hurricane Project


The project will initiate activity along a proven transition path, where CINAR supports rapid-response research that can enhance the US IOOS, and US IOOS supports sustained real-time observations & ensemble forecasts that can enhance the operational capabilities of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

This program will leverage the extensive observation & modeling capabilities of CINAR partners, as well as the US IOOS MARACOOS & NERACOOS regions, the OOI Pioneer Array & the SURA Modeling Testbed, augmenting them with two process-study activities.

CINAR will:

  1. Deploy a rapid response autonomous sampling array that includes: (a) Four gliders deployed on cross shelf transects, (b) Fourteen low cost, "portable" buoys with wind, wave, atmospheric pressure sensors & depth sounders in an alongshore array at key areas where storm surge causes the most flooding & damage on the northeast Atlantic coast, and (c) Forty miniature, expendable rapid profiling floats to be deployed from aircraft in the slope sea just beyond the shelf break (10 per storm); and
  2. Use an ensemble of regional ocean models to: (a) assimilate real-time data to define the initial temperature structure, evaluate ocean model sensitivities, and refine the ensemble weighting for accurate specification of vertical mixing, upper layer heat content, and air-sea fluxes over the shelf & nearby slope sea, and (b) to model storm surges & coastal inundation for the continental shelf & adjacent estuaries, with high-resolution inundation simulations & graphic visualizations in local regions of high strategic interest such as Washington DC, New York City and Boston.

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