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Argos DCS System Use Agreement of the Month
– December 2014

Nihon University – Setagaya-Ku, Department of Geography
Angkor Weather Monitoring


The tropical climatic environment affects considerably the deterioration of building stone such as the sandstone and laterite composing the Angkor monuments, Cambodia of UNESCO World heritage site. In particular, slaking of stones due to repeated wetting and drying, and the exposure of stones due to clearing of vegetation, may accelerate their deterioration.

In order to preserve the monuments, the deterioration process of the building stone should be elucidated based on detailed meteorological and geotechnical data. However, there is little observation data at the Angkor monuments. In addition, domestic observation stations of Cambodia do not function very well. Therefore, it is difficult to analyze the local climatic environment and effects on stone deterioration from the data at existing observatories. Accordingly, to accumulate meteorological data in the Angkor monuments, we installed an automated meteorological observation station in the precincts of the Angkor Wat temple (Waragai et al., 2013 *).

In the Angkor weather monitoring program using Argos data collection system, we observe meteorological data such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, insolation, wind direction, and wind speed, regularly. These data can be connected to the other micro-meteorological data such as temperatures in the building and forest area. We have already pointed out issues of the clearing of vegetation that causes the monument heating and stone decay.

The program will contribute to preservation and conservation projects conducted by a variety of governments and organizations which is progressing under UNESCO and APSARA National authority, Cambodia. In addition, the program is useful to watch environmental change of the temple due to the impact of recent tourism and economic development.





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