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Argos DCS System Use Agreement of the Month
– January 2014

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Automatic Weather System - Palau


The objective of our program is to understand the tropical climate variability over the Western North Pacific. In the tropical Pacific & Indian Oceans, unique & obvious atmosphere-ocean coupled phenomena with various timescale are observed. In particular, the El Nino, the Indian Ocean dipole mode phenomenon, the monsoons, & the Madden-Julian Oscillation - the major tropical ocean/atmosphere variations - are all mutually interrelated, & have great impact on global weather & short term climate change, hence affect human life & economic activities. This program studies these phenomena & their interactions & contributes to the improvement of their predictability. Specifically, the program aims to reveal the mechanisms of fluctuation in El Nino & the dipole mode phenomenon based on an observation network of moored buoys. In the Western Pacific & Indian Ocean, including the Indonesian & Indochina regions, the program aims to construct high-precision observation networks of the ocean, atmosphere & land, and to reveal the water cycling mechanism related to the monsoons, from diurnal to annual variability, as well as the mechanism of the Madden-Julian oscillation & its effects. We will install an automatic weather system in Peleliu Island of the Republic of Palau, measure the meteorological data & utilize the Argos communication tool to capture the recent change of monsoon & typhoon systems in the tropical region.

For more information:
      (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
      (Tropical Climate Variability Research Program)
      (PALAU project)


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