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Argos DCS System Use Agreement of the Month
– January 2016

Golden Eagle Movements and Mortality
United States Fish and Wildlife Service


In collaboration with other USFWS employees (see December 2015 SUA of the month), we have expanded their research on Golden Eagle movements & mortalities in the western United States, extending the study northward.

We have attached PTTs to Golden Eagles of various age classes (nestlings, sub-adults & adults) and during various seasons of the year in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, & western Nebraska.

Our project’s objectives are to:

  1. Determine age-specific survival rates.
  2. Identify relative importance of various causes of mortality.
  3. Document natal dispersal distance & behavior.
  4. Track seasonal movement & inter-population mixing.
  5. Document seasonal resource selection & validate predictive occurrence models.
  6. Identify areas of high importance to the species, e.g. winter concentrations.
  7. Describe behavior & movement of unsuccessful territorial adults & floaters.

This research is vital to the conservation of Golden Eagles in western North America. We are gaining a much better understanding of movements, important concentration areas and causes of mortality in Golden Eagles, which is all essential information as we develop & implement conservation strategies that address all life cycle phases, limiting factors & key habitats used by Golden Eagles.

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