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Argos DCS System Use Agreement of the Month
– July 2015

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) - Hobart
CSIRO Profiling Float Program


Inter-annual climate variability in Australia is to a large extent controlled by the pattern of sea surface temperature in the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans. In the case of the El Nino phenomenon in the Pacific, the Ocean and the atmosphere interact as a two-way feedback system to produce El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The influence of the Indian Ocean on Australian and global climate is not as well documented as ENSO, yet recent studies show that Indian Ocean currents and deep thermal structure also play a role in Australian climate.

 –  To document and describe the oceans around Australia as a time dependent system in order to determine the mechanisms and processes underlying their variabilities, and to develop and validate ocean models with the results.
 –  To provide the scientific basis for designing and observing and data transmission system for operational monitoring and ocean prediction.

A global array of 3,000 profiling CTD floats, many using Argos for data transmission, has been deployed world-wide. Australia, as part of this program, has deployed and is maintaining a fleet of around 200 to 240 profiling floats in our region which represents approximately half the design density. The US provides most of the remaining floats necessary to monitor this area. This data will be used along with XBT, thermosalinograph and satellite data, to forward our understanding of the dynamics and nature of ocean variabilities in the region.
This network of floats will provide insights into global warming and climate change through its measures of Antarctic temperatures and salinities, as well as aiding in climate prediction for Australia through its measures of Indonesian through-flow and heat/salinity budgets of the eastern Indian Ocean.

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