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June 2013

University of California – San Diego
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory


A series of deep-water acoustic propagation experiments combining low-frequency, broadband sources with vertical and horizontal receiving arrays have been conducted in the North Pacific Ocean over the last two decades in what is loosely referred to as the North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory (NPAL) program.

The research has been focused on improving our understanding of the propagation of sound in the ocean, including the effects of scattering from small-scale oceanographic variability, on the application of acoustic remote sensing techniques to the study of large-scale ocean structure, and on determining the structure & variability of the ambient noise field.

This series of experiments is continuing, with the next experiment scheduled for June-July 2013.

This experiment, referred to as the Ocean Bottom Seismometer Augmentation in the North Pacific (OBSANP), is intended to better define the characteristics of a new class of acoustic arrivals that was first observed on ocean bottom seismometers (OBSs) during the 2004 NPAL experiment in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, including the conditions under which the arrivals are excited & propagate.

These arrivals, called Deep Seafloor Arrivals (DSFAs), have significant implications for predictions of long-& short-range acoustic propagation & for models of near-seafloor ambient noise in the deep ocean.

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