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Argos DCS System Use Agreement of the Month
– June 2015

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Automatic Climate Observation System in Nalaikh, Mongolia


We have been promoting a drainage scale study on water cycle and cryospheric variations in Khentei Mts., northeast of Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia). The area is approximately 100 km x 100 km wide and its altitude ranges from 1200 m to 2700 m. Within this area, we have set up an automatic climate observation system (ACOS) in Nalaikh basin, which observes atmospheric components, surface radiation balance, and hydro-thermal state of permafrost. This automatic data acquisition is needed for analysis of climatic conditions in Mongolia. Therefore we would like to use the Argos System to acquire data from the ACOS, which will enable us to monitor the real time climatic conditions in Mongolia.

Elements to be observed by the ACOS are as follows:
Air temperature, Relative humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Precipitation, Global solar radiation, Reflective solar radiation, Downward longwave radiation (atmospheric radiation), Upward longwave radiation (surface radiation), Snow depth, Soil temperature, Soil moisture, Soil heat flux

Observation data interval: 10 minutes (Logging in the data logger)
Data transferred by Argos: 1 hour (Processing to 1 hour data set)

For more information:
Cryosalon (Cryosphere System by Argos Land Observation Network) is a web portal operated by our observation network dedicated to the distribution of various observation data acquired by the Argos system for international scientific researchers.


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