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Argos DCS System Use Agreement of the Month
– September 2013

Joint North Pacific Research Center (WHOI / JAMSTEC)
North Pacific Time-Series Research


The Joint North Pacific Research Center, J-Pac, at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and the Mutsu Institute for Oceanography, Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC), are engaged in a collaborative effort to strengthen Mutsu Institute for Oceanography (MIO), established on October 15, 2000, into an ocean research institute emphasizing observational oceanography.

Of particular interest is an ambitious and innovative basin-scale program entitled: "The Global Biogeochemical Cycle Study in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean" which began in the autumn of 2000. The success of this program depends critically upon the long-term, time-series oceanographic observations of the decadal signals of variability and cyclicity in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Under this program, MIO/J-Pac will deploy and maintain several highly advanced, autonomous water laboratories with state-of-the art time-series ocean instruments. These ocean stations will be strategically distributed in the Northwestern Pacific from R/V Mirai .


  1. To build models of the North Pacific Ocean including better delineation of the front systems by utilizing already available hydrographic, ocean dynamics, transient tracer and biogeochemical data seta and satellite imagery.
  2. Biannual transects cruise by R/V Mirai essentially connecting several mooring stations.
  3. A seamless, continuous observation of water columns (abyssal bottom layer to 30m from the surface) by autonomous moored profilers at several stations recording CTD and 3-D current.
  4. Several times-series, mooring stations in the North Pacific that represent oceanic zones and critical water mass characteristics. Observational criteria include the high-resolution time-series observation/collection (100 samplings/year) of the primary production (by SIDs).
  5. Routine and recurrent deployment of CTD, ADCP onboard R/V Mirai.


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