Q:   What is DADDS, and what is its function?
 A:   DADDS is the DCS Administration and Data Distribution System (DADDS). It’s function is to provide management of user and platform information, to distribute data to various transmission circuits (i.e. DOMSAT and the National Weather Service Telecommunications Gateway) to distribute data to users via the Internet, and to allow users to view platform information (such as channel and time slot assignments), and contact information (maintenance contact information). DADDS is the “final answer” when you need to confirm that information.

Q:   How do I gain access to DADDS?
 A:   Qualified users (those with a valid System Use Agreement) may gain access to DADDS by visiting any of the 4 sites: (;;; and A self registration feature requests that you enter information into a form, and then stored into a table for our staff to review. It is helpful if you email us ( and tell us which userids you will be assigned to, and the user privileges you require.

Q:   How do I get my password and PIN for DADDS?
 A:   When you register for DADDS, you will be asked to choose your own password (rules provided on the web site) and 4 digit Personal Information Number (PIN).

Q:   If I forget my password, may I reset it?
 A:   Yes. There is a forgotten password capability. When you choose that function, and correctly answer your “secret” question the system will email you a randomly generated partial password. TO MAKE A COMPLETE PASSWORD ADD YOUR 4 DIGIT PIN TO THE END OF THAT PARTIAL PASSWORD.

Q:   Can I reset my PIN?
 A:   NO!!!! Your PIN can never be reset. If you forget it, NOAA staff must delete your user account and you must register again. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR PIN!!

Q:   How often must I change my password?
 A:   Your password will expire every 60 days. You will be prompted to select a new one when the expiration date is reached.

Q:   How do I set my “secret” Question.
 A:   You will be asked to select your “secret” question when you register. These will be used to verify your identity if you forget your passwords. You may change those secret questions at any time by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of the DADDS screen. But, if you forget your answers then you must reregister. (Tip: Choose questions that don’t change, and use simple answers that you will remember. For instance, if you use the city of your birth, just use the city name not the state, because you will have to remember capitalization and punctuation as well (i.e. “Washington, D.C.” or “Washington, DC” or “washington dc”). Choose a format that is consistent for you, and that you will easily remember.



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