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LRIT Software

NOAA has included a set of software that is described in the table below. A major addition to the original receiver software package was the software implementation for the processing of received Emergency Managers Weather Information Network (EMWIN) data. After the software file is unzipped, all of the unit documentation can be accessed from the "doxygen folder" (choose index.html). The software is contained in the remainder of the folders. The "Domain 6" software is source code provided primarily for manufacturers and others designing receiver systems to use and modify as needed for their particular receivers. Also included is a User’s Guide for the GOES Data Collection Service (DCS) data files on LRIT. NOAA has attempted to provide the maximum amount of data processing for NOAA LRIT in software rather than hardware.


LRIT and Associated Software Available for Download

Software / Documentation   Description

LRIT Domain 6 User's Guide
(PDF file; 350 Kb)
  LRIT Ground Receiver Guide.

LRIT Domain 6 EMWINLRIT Reception Software
(EMWIN ZIP file; 5 Mb)
  EMWIN Stream on LRIT Software Source Code

LINUX RICE library   Aug. 24, 2004 Version

LRIT - DCS Receiver Software User's Guide
(PDF file; 165 Kb)
  GOES DCS Files on LRIT Software Guide

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