NOAA Satellite Information System

LRIT System Specifications

This section contains 6 documents relating to the NOAA LRIT system. They contain technical information on the LRIT production system, the LRIT receiver system and some NOAA LRIT specific information. The seventh document is a zip file. They will be updated with the most recent information as necessary. These document(s) are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF file).


Part 1   (PDF; 176 K) Current Status of the GOES LRIT System (Word)
Part 2   (PDF; 81 K) LRIT Operational Capability Requirements (Word)
Part 3   (PDF; 708 K) Receiver Specification  -  Last update April 8, 2003
Part 4   (PDF; 318 K) Transmitter Specification (Word)
Part 5   (PDF; 92 K) LRIT Mission Specific Documentation
Parts 1-5   (926 K) All parts as .ZIP file, for downloading

You may need to download and install the latest Acrobat reader.


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