NOAA Satellite Information System

LRIT Test Files

The following LRIT test data files are provided for GOES-15 and GOES-13.
At this time, GOES-15 is GOES-West and GOES-13 is GOES-East.

3 - GOES-15 Full Disk
3 - GOES-15 Northern Hemisphere
3 - GOES-15 Southern Hemisphere
3 - GOES-15 United States
3 - GOES-15 Rapid Scan
3 - GOES-13 Full Disk
3 - GOES-13 Northern Hemisphere
3 - GOES-13 Southern Hemisphere
3 - GOES-13 United States
3 - GOES-13 Rapid Scan

Each GOES type has products of Infrared (IR), water vapor, (WV), and visible data (VS).
The files can be accessed by following the following link: LRIT Test Data

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