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TWG Archive of Previous Minutes

Archive of Previous Minutes
Some of the document(s)  are in Adobe Acrobat format.   If you cannot view this PDF file, you need to download and install the latest  Adobe Acrobat reader.

September 2019 Boston, MA

Agenda and Presentations

–  GOES DCS User Training Agenda (pdf)
–  DADDS Training I (pdf)
–  LRGS Presentation (pdf)
–  DCS Message Statistics (pdf)
–  HRIT Overview (pdf)
–  Updating Platform Description Tables (pdf)
–  EUMETSAT DCP Presentation (pdf)
–  OTT Hydromet DCPs (pdf)
–  Hydro-Link Training for NOAA V100 (pdf)
–  Microcom PJW Training Presentation (pdf)

April 2019 Lakewood, CO

Agenda, Minutes and Presentations

Training - Tuesday
–  GOES DCS User Training Agenda (pdf)
–  GOES DCS Best Practices (pdf)
–  DADDS Training I (pdf)
–  DADDS Training II (pdf)
–  HRIT Overview (pdf)
–  LRGS Overview (pdf)
–  LRGS Wallops Operations (pdf)
–  System Use Agreements (pdf)

TWG - Wednesday
–  GOES DCS TWG Report 2019 (pdf)
–  2019 TWG Agenda (pdf)
–  Introductory Remarks (pdf)
–  GOES DCS Program Updates (pdf)
–  Wallops Update (pdf)
–  STIWG Report (pdf)
–  User Reports USACE (pdf)
–  User Reports NOS COOPS (DADDS) (pdf)
–  User Reports BC Hydro (pdf)
–  User Reports Colorado DWR (pdf)
–  Two Way Update (pdf)
–  Small Sat Concept (pdf)
–  HRIT New Format (pdf)
–  Xylem Data Logger Issue Report (pdf)
–  Manufacturers Report Microcom (pdf)
–  Manufacturers Report Sutron_OTT-Hydromet (pdf)

March 2018 Miami, FL

Agenda, Minutes and Presentations

Training - Tuesday
–  GOES DCS User Training Agenda (pdf)
–  GOES DCS Best Practices (18.5 MB pdf)
–  HRIT Overview (1.1 MB pdf)
–  DRGS Overview (pdf)
–  LRGS Overview (1.1 MB pdf)
–  Wallops Operations (LRGS) (1.3 MB pdf)
–  DCS Message Stats (DADDS) (2.0 MB pdf)
–  DADDS Training 1 (pdf)
–  DADDS Training 2 (pdf)

TWG - Wednesday
–  2018 GOES DCS TWG Report (pdf)
–  DCS TWG 2018 Agenda (pdf)
–  Introductory Remarks (pdf)
–  GOES R Series Update (pdf)
–  User_Report - Bahamas (pdf)
–  User_Report - CO-OPS (3.4 MB pdf)
–  User_Report - TVA (pdf)
–  User_Report - USACE (1.0 MB pdf)
–  GOES DCS Program Updates (pdf)
–  TWG - HRIT (1.9 MB pdf)
–  Wallops CDAS Updates (1.9 MB pdf)
–  STIWG Report (pdf)
–  Manufacturer - Sutron (pdf)
–  Manufacturer - Microcom (pdf)
–  Spectrum Report (pdf)
–  Users Survey - Alion (pdf)
–  Small-Sat Project Update (pdf)
–  Two-Way Prototype Update (pdf)
–  New HRIT File Format Proposal (pdf)

September 2017 College Park, MD

Agenda, Minutes and Presentations
–  TWG 2017 Agenda (pdf)
–  GOES DCS TWG Minutes (pdf)
–  GOES DCS TWG Introductory Remarks (pdf)
–  2017 USACE GOES DCS User Report (pdf)
–  Remote Automatic Weather Stations (pdf)
–  GOES DCS Program Report (pdf)
–  NOAA Wallops CDA Station GOES Data Collection System (pdf)
–  2017 STIWG Report to the TWG (pdf)
–  GOES-16 Update (pdf)
–  LRIT, HRIT & EMWIN (pdf)
–  Spectrum Update (pdf)
–  Two-Way Update (pdf)
–  Thoughts on a New HRIT DCS File Format (pdf)
–  DADDS Training (pdf)

May 2016 Sioux Falls, SD

Minutes and Presentations
–  Sioux Falls TWG Day 1 Minutes (doc)
–  Sioux Falls TWG Day 2 Minutes (doc)
–  IRAC Representatives List (docx)
–  Parse of FCC Public Notice (docx)
–  USGS Training and Special Projects (pptx)
–  DADDS New Features (pptx)
–  Adjacent Band Interference Study (ppt)
–  In-Band Interference Study (ppt)
–  Operational Two-Way Update Summary (pps)
–  NESDIS DCS Technology Update (pptx)
–  GOES DCS Assignment Policies (pptx)
–  GOES DCS Transmitters Status Report (ppt)
–  GOES LRIT Update (pptx)

April 2015 College Park, MD

Minutes and Presentations
–  College Park STIWG Minutes (doc)
–  College Park Day 1 TWG Minutes (doc)
–  NOAA NESDIS Report (ppt)
–  DADDS Report (ppt)
–  DCS Assignment Status (ppt)
–  CO-OPS GOES Usage Report (ppt)
–  USGS01 Water Mission Report (pptx)

May 2014 Austin, TX

Minutes and Presentations
Austin TWG Minutes (doc)
Advanced Packet Optimization (pptx)
High Data Rate Transition Report (ppt)
NESDIS CS2 Report (ppt)
NESDIS DADDS Report (ppt)
NESDIS DOMSAT Status (ppt)
NESDIS Report (ppt)
NOS Water Level CO-OPS Report (pptx)
Southern Nevada Water Report (pptx)
USACE User Report (pptx)

EDDN Report (pptx)
LRIT Latency (pps)
Austin Day 2 TWG Minutes (doc)
DCS Frequency Issues (pptx)
Vaisala Presentation (pdf)
Cove Software Presentation (pptx)
1675-1710 MHz report (pdf)
WG-1 Report (pdf)
DCPR Changes for GOES-R (pptx)
DCS Use and Capacity (ppt)
USGS Real Time Site Operations (pptx)
Austin STIWG Minutes (doc)

May 2012 Boise, ID

Minutes and Presentations
Boise TWG Minutes (doc)
Boise TWG Minutes (doc)
NOAA NESDIS Report(ppt)
High Data Rate Transition Report (ppt)
DCS Interference Issues (ppt)
Wallops CDA Report (ppt)
DCPR Changes for GOES-R (pptx)
Verion II Status (ppt)
DOMSAT Long Term Planning (ppt)
LRIT Testing Presenation (ppt)
BOR AgriMet Presentation 2 (ppt)

Strategic Planning Meeting
Strategic Planning Session Report (docx)
Updated Planning Session Projects (docx)

STIWG Minutes
Boise STIWG Minutes (doc)

October 2011 Birmingham, AL

TWG Minutes and Presentations
Birmingham TWG Minutes (doc)
High Data Rate Transition Status ppt
Wallops Report Part 1 (ppt)
Wallops Report Part 2.ppt
LRIT Testing at NOS (ppt)
Trouble Shooting Techniques (ppt)

Planning Session Minutes
DCS Planning Session (doc)

May 2011 San Diego, CA
TWG Minutes and Presentations

San Diego TWG Session I

High_Data_Rate_Transmission_Report (ppt)
GOES_DCS_Overview (ppt)
San_Diego_TWG_Session_I_Minutes (doc)
Wallops_Report (pptx)
DADDS_Frequently_Asked_Questions (docx)
TWG_Agenda_Session-I (pdf)
Version_2_Status (ppt)

San Diego TWG Session II

DOMSAT_and_LRIT_Issues (ppt)
LRGS_Enhancements_for_LRIT (ppt)
San_Diego_Session-II_Minutes (doc)
Alberta_Environment_User_Report (doc)
DADDS_MessageStats (pdf)

November 2010 Gaithersburg, MD
TWG Minutes and Presentations

Agenda 114 TWG (pdf)
Gaithersburg TWG Minutes (doc)
NESDIS Report (ppt)
High Data Rate Transition Report (ppt)
Wallops Report2 (ppt)
Level-1 Requirements Document (ppt)
User Requirements Study (ppt)
Version-2 Status (ppt)
DCP Command Status (doc)
GLOSS Global Sea Level (ppt)

May 2010 Omaha, Nebraska
TWG Minutes and Presentations

Omaha TWG Minutes (doc)
Wallops Presentation (ppt)

October 2009 Wallops, Virginia
TWG Minutes and Presentations

Wallops Special Session Minutes Final (doc)
Narrow Band Plan (doc)
GOES DCS Usage (pptx)
Wallops TWG Minutes (doc)
Wallops Report (ppt)
GOES DCS Management Brief (ppt)
DCS User Requirements (ppt)
EUMETSAT DCS Briefing (ppt)
EDDN Status (pptx)
DCP Command Status (ppt)
DCPC_Requirements (docx)

May 2009 Vail, Colorado
TWG Minutes

May 2009 Vail TWG Minutes (doc)
NESDIS Management Report.ppt (ppt)
High Data Rate Transition (ppt)
Wallops CDA Report (ppt)
Colorado Surface Water Monitoring System (ppt)
DCP Command (ppt)
EDDN Update (ppt)
Vail_Special_Session_Minutes (doc)
Cert_Stds_2_Status (ppt)
Channel_Allocation_XLSX (xlsx)

Discussion on Draft version 2 of the High Data Rate Certification Standard -
Part 1: Comments from Vendors and a User

User Comment.doc (doc)
Signal Comments to HDR V2 (doc)
Sutron on Draft Version 2 (doc)
uCom CS Appendix_A (pdf)
uCom CS Response 6-30-06 (pdf)
Miami TWG Minutes Final
NESDIS Management Report (ppt)
Wallops Report Presentation (ppt)
Corps Internet DCP Monitor (ppt)
DCP Command (ppt)
High Data Rate Transition (ppt)
DCP in the Pacific Islands (ppt)

July 2008 Davis, CA TWG Minutes (doc)
Wallops Report Presentation (ppt)
Sutron DCPI Update Presentation (pdf)
DADDS Status Report Presentation (ppt)
EDDN Presentation (ppt)

January 2008 Gulf Port, MS TWG Minutes
NESDIS Mangement Report Presentation (ppt)
Wallops Report Presentation (ppt)
USGS EDDN Presentation (ppt)
Sutron DCP Command Presentation (ppt)
Sutron DCP Command Presentation (pdf)
USACE NOAAPORT Presentation (ppt)
USACE DCP Monitor Presentation (ppt)

June 2007 Savannah, GA TWG Minutes
Wallops CDA Presentation (ppt)
High Data Rate Transition (ppt)
DCS Risk Management (ppt)
EDDN Presentation (ppt)
CO-OPS_UserRep (doc)

November 2006 Asheville TWG Minutes (doc)
Sutron DCPI Study Status Report (ppt)
Wallops CDA TWG Report (ppt)

Sioux Falls Manufacturers' Meeting Minutes 2006 (doc)
Sioux Falls EDDN (ppt)
EDDN Schematic (ppt)
DCS Maximum Loading Example (doc)
Certification Status (ppt)
Certification Standards Draft (doc)

Sioux Falls TWG Minutes Final (doc)

TWG Minutes November 2005 (MS word)
High Data Rate Transition (ppt)
Joint Spectrum Center / Ecuador (pdf)
Joint Spectrum Center DCS RFI (pdf)

Baltimore Manufacturers’ Meeting Minutes
DCS Filter Presentation (ppt)
Frequency Plan (ppt)
NTIA Transmit Standards (ppt)

TWG Minutes May 2005 (MS word)
TWG Minutes August 2004 (MS word)
TWG Minutes March 2004 (MS word)
Manufactures' meeting summary March 2004
TWG Minutes - June 2003 (MS word)
TWG Minutes -March 2003 (pdf)
TWG Minutes - Oct. 2000 (pdf)
TWG Minutes - July 2000 (pdf)
TWG Minutes - Nov. 1999 (pdf)
TWG Minutes - Mar, 2000 (pdf)
TWG Minutes - Nov. 1999 (pdf)
TWG Minutes - May, 1999 (pdf)

STIWG Minutes Dec. 18-19, 2001 (pdf)